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List of Moons

List of Moons as shown in the Terminal

Moons (rarely celestial bodies[1], exomoons[2] or planets[3]) are the locations employees can visit to collect scrap.

Each moon comes with its pros and cons, with some being more difficult and some being more expensive to travel to. When choosing a moon to land on, it is also worth thinking about the current weather of the moons, as it can make a run much more challenging than usual while not affecting scrap or entity spawn rates.

Moons Catalogue[]

Name Difficulty Risk Level Cost Default Layout Map Size Multiplier Min Scrap Max Scrap Max Indoor Power Max Outdoor Power Possible Weather
71-Gordion (Company Building) Safe Safe 0 ▮ - - - - - - -
41-Experimentation Easy B 0 ▮ The Factory 1.0 8 11 4 8 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
220-Assurance Easy D 0 ▮ The Factory 1.0 13 15 6 8 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
56-Vow Easy C 0 ▮ The Factory 1.15 12 14 7 6 Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
21-Offense Intermediate B 0 ▮ The Factory 1.25 14 17 12 8 Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, Eclipsed
61-March Intermediate B 0 ▮ The Factory 2.0 13 16 14 12 Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
20-Adamance Intermediate B 0 ▮ The Factory 1.18 16 18 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
85-Rend Hard A 550 ▮ The Manor 1.8 18 25 10 6 Stormy, Eclipsed
7-Dine Hard S 600 ▮ The Manor 1.8 22 25 16 6 Rainy, Flooded, Eclipsed
8-Titan Hard S+ 700 ▮ The Factory 2.2 28 31 18 7 Stormy, Foggy, Eclipsed
68-Artifice Hard S++ 1500 ▮ The Manor 2.0 31 37 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, Eclipsed
5-Embrion Hard S 150 ▮ The Factory 1.1 14 16 8 70 Foggy, Eclipsed
44-Liquidation (Unreleased) Hard S++ 700 ▮ The Manor 1.6 28 44 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, Eclipsed

Moon Properties[]

Difficulty / Risk Level / Cost[]

Difficulty is the category the moon belongs to. The categories are defined by the grouping of the moons in the ship's terminal.

  • Easy moons are not very dangerous with relatively little loot and, on average, a lower amount of dangerous entities.
  • Intermediate moons are a bit harder and more dangerous, but also offer more loot.
  • Hard moons are the most difficult ones, with additional outside conditions such as dense fog and snow storms that make it more difficult to navigate the moon's exterior.

Risk level defines the in-game definition of how difficult a moon is. This value is fixed for every moon and does not have any influence other than being an indicator for employees. The Risk Level is a bit inconsistent, as Experimentation has a pretty high Risk Level "B" while actually being the easiest moon in many aspects.

The cost of traveling to moons is higher for Rend, Dine, Titan, Embrion or Artifice, but travel to and from the rest is free. Once in orbit around a costly moon, employees do not have to pay the travel cost again until they route to a different moon.

Map Size Multiplier[]

The indoor map or interior, is procedurally generated every time the ship lands on a moon. The size of this map is dependent on the moon's map size multiplier. Experimentation and Assurance have the smallest map size with a multiplier of 1 and Titan has the largest with a multiplier of 2.35. Larger map sizes can lead to larger maze structures and more intertwined catwalks and hallways, and therefore to a higher possibility of getting lost.

Maximum Power[]

Every moon has a different maximum indoor, outdoor, and daytime power, while every entity has a set power level. The maximum power restricts the amount of entities being spawned on the map at the same time based on their power level.

For example: The Bracken and the Thumper both have a power level of 3 which means that they cannot be present at the same time on the moon Experimentation, as it has a maximum indoor power level of 4.

Min / Max Scrap[]

Each map has a predefined minimum and maximum amount of scrap items that can spawn. The value of these items is random and is based on the moon's scrap loot table. So even though some moons can spawn a lot of items, it is still possible to get unlucky and only get low value scrap in a run. On average, though, higher max scrap usually means higher overall scrap value.

Indoor Map Layout[]

The map layout defines the indoor map type which can either be The Facility or The Manor. Every moon except March has a slight chance (usually very small) to spawn with the opposite layout instead of the default one. The chances for that can be found on each moon's individual page.

Possible Weather[]

The different weather conditions a moon can experience. It is worth noting that a moon's weather has no influence whatsoever on the amount or value of the scrap that can be found that moon, and only makes it harder for employees.

Moon Loot Analysis[]

The following analysis gives an overview of how much profit can be expected from a single visit to a moon on average.

The most scrap overall can be found on Titan. But Titan also has the largest indoor map, meaning it will take the longest to find every piece of scrap that spawned. Rend and Dine both have a higher scrap density than Titan, meaning it is more likely for scrap to be found in general.

Name ⌀ Scrap Value ⌀ Scrap Amount ⌀ Scrap Weight ⌀ Value / Weight Two handed % Scrap Density ⌀ Profit
41-Experimentation 32 ▮ 10 17 lb 2 ▮ / lb 13.94% 9.5 299 ▮
220-Assurance 38 ▮ 14 15 lb 3 ▮ / lb 10.20% 14.0 533 ▮
56-Vow 39 ▮ 13 14 lb 3 ▮ / lb 8.19% 11.3 508 ▮
21-Offense 37 ▮ 16 16 lb 2 ▮ / lb 19.96% 12.4 576 ▮
61-March 38 ▮ 14 15 lb 2 ▮ / lb 17.32% 7.25 546 ▮
20-Adamance 39 ▮ 17 14 lb 3 ▮ / lb 10.93% 14.41 665 ▮
85-Rend 57 ▮ 22 13 lb 4 ▮ / lb 11.72% 11.94 1219 ▮
7-Dine 53 ▮ 24 12 lb 4 ▮ / lb 10.72% 13.06 1251 ▮
8-Titan 50 ▮ 30 12 lb 4 ▮ / lb 16.45% 13.41 1484 ▮
68-Artifice 59 ▮ 34 15 lb 4 ▮ / lb 16.34% 17.0 2001 ▮
5-Embrion 38 ▮ 15 15 lb 3 ▮ / lb 18.64% 13.64 569 ▮
44-Liquidation 51 ▮ 36 11 lb 5 ▮ / lb 15.72% 22.5 1828 ▮

Note: These calculations do not take in account the value of shotguns and knifes dropped by entities, bee hives and the apparatus that might spawn on a moon during the day. This means they do not properly reflect the “Tier” of the moons. More information about this will be added soon.

Challenge Moons[]

Challenge moons or weekly challenge moons, are moons that go in a loop each week. On these moons you have one day to get as much profit as possible. Every day your scrap will be deleted, you will be added to the leaderboard, and you try to beat your highscore.

Read more about challenge moons here.


  1. Upon landing and starting a work day
  2. "Welcome to the exomoons catalogue" after typing MOONS into the terminal
  3. "To scan for the number of items left on the current planet" after typing OTHER into the terminal