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Various in game items

This page lists different types of items in Lethal Company.

Store Items[]

Store items can be bought at the terminal and have a price that the employees have to pay in order to use them. Depending on the day, there might be discounts on certain items that can go up to 80% for some items.

Scrap Items[]

Scrap items are loot that can be found on Moons. Collecting scrap is the main objective of the game and the only way to please the Company. There are three ways you can lose all your scrap:

  • When the entire crew dies during a session.
  • The ship leaves at midnight and no crew member is aboard.
  • Failure to meet Profit Quota and your crew is jettisoned into space after day 0, this is also a Game Over as you lose all your progress.

Special Items[]

Special items are items that are not scrap but also cannot be bought in the store or contribute towards profit quota when sold to the company. These items are treated as equipment so you don't lose them when your entire crew dies. Here's a list.

Name Image Display Value Price Weight Conductive Battery Two Handed Info
3 ▮ - 5 ▮ 0 ▮ 0 lb Yes No No Can be used to open any doors inside the facility or mansion.

Highly conductive so caution is advised in stormy weather.

Shotgun Shells
0 ▮ 0 ▮ 0 lb No No No Ammo that can be loaded into the Double-barrel.
Sticky Note
Sticky note sigurd
1 ▮ 0 ▮ 0 lb No No No Sigurds sticky note that can be found inside the ship.
Clipboard LC
5 ▮ 0 ▮ 0 lb No No No The clipboard with information about the gameplay.

Can be sold but besides the price, won't give any money.

Defensive Weapons[]

The game classifies some items as defensive weapons, meaning they behave differently in threat level calculations. The following items are classified as defensive weapons.