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Bunker Spiders are large arachnid entities in Lethal Company.

They are very territorial, and when an Employee touches one of their webs or gets too close, they become hostile and start attacking.


Sigurd's danger level: 30%
Scientific name: Theraphosa-ficedula
Bunker spiders, of the genus Theraphosa, are the largest arachnid found in the Thistle Nebula and the second largest ever discovered. It's believed they evolved to prey on large mammals over the course of a measly several hundred years after the Boat made its trip around the Thistle Nebula. (Refer to: Speculation on Increased Speciation Around the Fading Nebulae)
Bunker spiders produce silk and lay it around their chosen nesting area, then wait for it to be tripped on. They can be seen waiting on walls, often over doorways where prey could enter unaware. If you find a bunker spider 'unprepared' it may freeze as a defensive reaction. In this case they are best left alone. If a bunker spider reacts aggressively, it is best not to fight with ordinary tools. They use their webs to make up for their rather slow movement, so take note of your surroundings. Their webs can be broken easily with any blunt tool.
Bunker spiders can pose a great danger to humans and urban explorers especially, without a great benefit to their ecosystems. A resulting kill-on-sight order has been informally agreed upon between many states home to the Bunker spider, and it is currently approved by the ITDA as of 10/6/1965.


Moon Base Spawn Chance
41-Experimentation 25.55%
220-Assurance 21.43%
61-March 20.92%
21-Offense 20.85%
20-Adamance 17.08%
56-Vow 13.07%
8-Titan 10.67%
85-Rend 10.64%
68-Artifice 8.77%
5-Embrion 8.19%
7-Dine 7.14%
Unreleased Moon Base Spawn Chance
44-Liquidation 11.05%


Bunker Spiders are quite aggressive and territorial, wandering the facility and placing webs to trap prey. They have two modes, web making and hunting. During web making, they crawl around laying webs, and tend to ignore players unless they touch the spider or break its web. When an employee gets caught in one of its webs, breaks it using a melee weapon, or touches the spider, it leaves its web making progress to hunt down the player in question. Bunker spiders may also go into a pseudo-hunting mode after they have built many webs, where they will sometimes chase a player upon sight.[1]


  • A Bunker Spider will start hunting once any of its webs are touched by an employee or broken by a shovel.
    • Avoid touching webs if possible, as doing so will make you very slow, allowing the Bunker Spider to catch up.
  • If you find a bunker spider while it is patrolling and spinning webs, it will freeze until you leave it alone. It will proceed to chase and attack if you get too close.
  • Being on top of railings seems very inconsistent on whether or not it will protect you from Bunker Spiders, so don't rely on it. Either jump over them if you're fast enough or run away.
    • However, elevations higher than railings (e.g. the top of fridges inside the kitchens of a mansion layout) can still protect you.
  • It can be killed via melee weapons by walking backwards, jumping/running backwards as it gets too near, and hitting it as it approaches, just make sure to avoid getting cornered.
    • When cornered by a Bunker Spider, an employee can safely jump over one and run away, provided they are not heavy.
    • Be extra cautious when trying to kill Bunker Spiders with a melee weapon, as they slightly speed up when close to death.
    • Unlike most entities, the Bunker Spider cannot cross gap rooms found in the Facility layout, employees can use this room's metal beams in the middle and position themselves to easily kill a Bunker Spider.
  • Make sure to crouch when using a Double-barrel shotgun against Bunker Spiders, as most of its hitbox is closer to the floor.
  • While Bunker Spiders are very persistent and will chase the player for a prolonged period of time, they are fairly slow. Even a walking pace is usually enough to avoid being attacked if you keep moving.
  • Bunker Spiders can be ignored if a player can find a way around it and its webs, as they will never attack if left alone.
  • If being chased through the factory room, you can guide the spider to the catwalk over the minecart tracks and jump onto the white box, causing it to get stuck and leaving it free to ignore or kill.[1]
  • Bunker Spiders can two-hit kill you, so be very cautious around them.


  • Theraphosa is a genus of South American tarantulas composed of Goliath bird-eaters.
  • If arachnophobia mode is turned on, all bunker spider models are replaced by a floating red text saying "Spider".
  • When an employee is killed by a Bunker Spider, their corpse will be dragged to its nesting spot and then wrapped up in the Bunker Spider's silk, disabling the ability to grab it.
    • The corpse can be recovered if you use the Teleporter, though you still cannot grab it until the ship leaves.




  • Bunker Spiders are added.

Version 45[]

  • Added arachnophobia mode that replaces Bunker Spiders with a 3D text that says, "spider".

Version 47[]

  • The Bunker spider now runs faster when almost dead.
  • Bunker Spider webs have a larger collision radius.



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